Toys That Kill – “I’m Foaming”

Toys That Kill is Chachi, Sean, Jimmy and Todd from San Pedro, CA. This video is from their show on Saturday night at FEST 11 in Gainesville, FL.



The show was at Boca Fiesta, a fantastic bar, restaurant and show space in the former building of the Hardback Cafe, a legendary Gainesville punk bar.

No band brings the party like Toys That Kill. They have so much fun playing their music without antics…. they just bring it. I’ve been lucky enough to catch them at twice this year. At FEST 11, they wound down the Saturday night at Boca Fiesta like they owned that town.

Their most recent album is Fambly 42 (a Campfire Island top album of 2012), released on Recess Records, but they’ve got lots of jammers on their older records, too. You can find out more about Toys That Kill at their website: or at Recess Records:

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