The Underground Railroad to Candyland – “That I Dunno”

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND are Todd, Chachi, Mike, John and other people from San Pedro, CA.

This video is from their set at Roachella, a 3 day lineup of bands set up by C.J. Ward at The Victory Lounge and Black Lodge in Seattle, WA.


It is always great to see URTC or Toys That Kill. Mike, Chachi and Todd have such a great dynamic together. URTC is like the E-street band of underground punk. Todd Congelliere the prolific songwriter and I daresay “Band Leader” (in the classic sense) that also runs Recess Records. The core of his current bands are Chachi – a talented and super-high multi-instrumentalist and Mike Felix who is a goddamn force of nature on the drums. I swear, Mike is like an engine of awesome muscling beats through every song. He seems to have an understudy on this tour, playing along with him. That’s the lovable John Predny on the horn. I dunno who was playing bass.

So so great.

You can find out more about URTC at Recess Records: or on Facebook: