Orden Mundial – “Gusanos” & “15 M”

Orden Mundial is Martí, Rafaelito, Jaume, Bernat from Mallorca, Spain. These videos are from their show at the Black Lodge in Seattle, WA.

There was a really big turnout to see them. White Wards, The Coltranes, and Wet Brain also played.



Orden Mundial has two LPS. Their first self-titled LP was put out by Discos Basura in 2012. Their latest LP, Obediencia Debida, was released by La Vida Es Un Mus in 2014. Everyone seems to think they’ve really stepped up their game on their second album, and I tend to agree. As they complete their U.S. tour, Order Mundial will be featured in the January 2015 edition issue of Maximum Rock’n’Roll.



You can find out more about Orden Mundial and hear their music at their band camp page: http://ordenmundial.bandcamp.com

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