Mutoid Men – “Two Become One”

MUTOID MEN is Jeff (drums), Matt, Joe and Chris (bass) from Olympia, WA. Yeah, it’s crazy how much they totally rule. This video is from when they played Flopfest 2.



The Flophouse is a really fun, active and positive space – it’s obvious they’re working hard to be this awesome. Definitely the best place to play or go to a show in Olympia right now. This set was part of FLOPFEST 2, which happened at a great punk house in Olympia, WA called the Palace Flophouse. Preston and his housemates host a lot of shows and Flopfest has become an annual celebration of that community and achievement.  Flopfest 2 was a benefit for EGYHOP (the Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project), which supports homeless and low-income people with emergency supplies on the streets of Olympia.

More about EGYHOP here:

Mutoid Men don’t play very often. Catching one of their shows is like seeing a Sasquatch, but they rock harder – way harder. Mutoid Men are all great people who have other amazing bands going on. Joey Seward plays drums in DOGJAW with Meg and Kendra. Jeff also plays drums in SHARKPACT with Camille and THE CHAIN. Matt Canino is in RVIVR and his former project, LATTERMAN plays every now and then. Chris Bauermeister has been playing around town in his project RED RED RED, but is known for JAWBREAKER, of course.

This song is called “Two Become One” and is on their album Mutoid World (2010, which you can download at http:/

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