Good Luck – “Stars Were Exploding”

Good Luck is Mike Harpring (drums), Ginger Alford (bass, vocals) and Matt Tobey (guitar, vocals). They are from Bloomington, IN.


They are so totally, super awesome. I think that’s the best way to describe them. Matt, Ginger and Mike are talented musicians and song writers. Everybody loves them. You will, too!

Good Luck started in 2007 and their first album, Into Lake Griffy, was recorded and originally self-released in 2008. It was later pressed on vinyl by No Idea in 2009. It is a gem. You need to go listen to it.

In 2010, they self-released an EP called Demonstration 2010 as a bandcamp download. Their newest album: Without Hesitation was released by No Idea in October of 2011. You can listen to it via streaming audio from No Idea.

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