Big Kids – “I am a Romantic Comedy Dude”

BIG KIDS were from Oakland, CA. This video is from their show at the Black Lodge in Seattle, WA. This must have been at least their fifth tour up the West Coast?! Super rad. It was great to see them one more time up in the Pacific Northwest.

Good turnout at Black Lodge. Big Kids played a longer set than usual and put a few covers in, as well. I guess Jason (guitarist/singer) rode his bike about half way to the show, then got picked up by the rest of the band to make it to the show in time (he also biked down to Olympia for their show next day! Bike punks!). They also did not just one but TWO Superchunk covers! Really special. Jason and Jacob from Big Kids are in an awesome newer band called ACID FAST you all should check out.

Big Kids have two albums. Their first record, Hoop Dreams, kinda blew everyone away. It was rough, 90s style pop punk in some ways, but really loose and original. They just sound like they’re doing what they want to and having fun – but with a lot of talent and experience to run on. Their second album, Phone Home, is more of the same. Recorded live, it’s fuzzy, low-fi, and great. Both their LP releases are on Protagonist, which is based in Tucson, AZ. They have some other cool releases, too.

I caught LEE COREY OSWALD (Portland, OR) as well – who were pretty cool. They have a early Built to Spill kinda sound with heavy drums. They had a good turnout and people were digging it. It was my first time catching them and I dug it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for them. People had fun dancing and singing along to their cover of “She” by Green Day. They are also playing FEST 13 this year too!

We also have super rough low-fi footage of BIG KIDS at their Black Lodge show two years prior:

Find out more about Big Kids at their Facebook page: