About this Project

 is a four+ year project of shooting video of live bands in the national underground of punk, post-punk and hardcore.

At this point I have over 150 cool videos online, many terrible photos of shows, even some AWESOME interviews featured from our other project, Campfire Island. This effort started in earnest on June 8th, 2011 and after four years began to slow down in October of 2015. I still shoot a video at least once a month, and have about 100 more videos to edit and get posted.

I’m generally uptight (lawful good?) and make up rules to follow for myself like “Don’t shoot the first two songs, because the band is warming up.” and “If you recorded the full show, you were probably in the damn way of everyone else who bothered to show up.” Luckily, Mackenzie, Lucas and Tim live their lives and shoot video however the hell they please. In the end, we’ve got a pretty low-fi approach, but it’s about catching the energy of what is happening between band and audience – not idol worship or the guitar solo.

Thanks for checking out these videos and the music of these amazing artists. You’re always welcome to get in touch, since we usually all benefit from conversations with strangers: machineswithproblems@gmail.com



Frank Barber is from Gainesville, FL where he co-founded Wayward Council and otherwise survived three generations of mayhem in one decade. More than twenty-five years of going to shows may have left him a little rattled, but it was his roommates in the “emo-violence” band Palatka that gave him such a short attention span.

Frank left Gainesville in 2000 and roamed around a bit, ending up in Olympia, WA in 2007. While there, he hosted Campfire Island on KAOS 89.3fm and also helped the Olympia Film Society finally acquire the Capitol Theater (of International Pop Underground and Yo Yo a Go Go fame). In October 2013, Frank headed up to Seattle, WA to work at UW and live in the “big” city.


Mackenzie shot videos at Chaos in Tejas and other Washington area shows. He was also a major co-host of Campfire Island. Originally from Portland, Mackenzie lived in Olympia for a few years before moving to Seattle.




Tim and Lucas were the amazing video homies for Gainesville FEST 2011. Many thanks to the PMA crew.