About this Project

 was a four+ year project of shooting video of live bands in the national underground of punk, post-punk and hardcore.

Somewhere around here are over 150 cool videos in various places online, many terrible photos of shows, and even some truly AWESOME interviews featured from my other project, Campfire Island.

This effort started in earnest on June 8th, 2011 and after four years began to slow down in October of 2015. I probably still have about 100 more videos to edit and get posted. Maybe someday… In any case, all these videos share a pretty low-fi approach, but it’s about catching the energy of what is happening between band and audience – not idol worship or the guitar solo.

Thanks for checking out these videos and the music of these amazing artists. All I did was try to document things, I guess. I hope you find something special this archive. You’re always welcome to get in touch.


2019 Seattle, WA